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I should submitting Guts ‘n Grunts builds at least to iOS and Steam (PC / Mac) this week — maybe Xbox as well. Release date TBD. Those are the only platforms I’m targeting.

Wishlist here:

The Bay Lynx alpha demo has been updated. It has a new level for everyone to try. Please let me know what you think.

I pulled Moon Raider and the Moon Series from iOS this morning as the mobile distribution rights have been sold.

I've made a three level demo of Bay Lynx (alpha) available for free for anyone to try. Please give it shot and let me know what you think. You can also wishlist it on Steam!

Beta testing for Guts ‘n Grunts has started on iOS. I’ll be widening the pool of testers later this week after a bug fix and tvOS approval. Then it will be onto desktop beta testing. 🥳

Mighty Aphid, Mighty Aphid 2, and Cave Ranger have all been updated this week for iOS and tvOS. The updates fix a bug where the game(s) wouldn’t properly load levels on devices localized to certain languages.

Cave Ranger is now on version 1.0.5:
+ Bigger buttons
+ Better controls
+ Jump directly off ladders
+ Other bug fixes

I pushed back the release date for Guts 'n Grunts from mid-March to later this year. It's functionally done with just a little bit of QA and polish left to go. But I'm still waiting on my Xbox kit. And I'm considering adding more content to it.

Please wishlist on Steam if you haven't already!

Cave Ranger is coming soon to the App Store for iOS and Apple TV. It's a subterranean spin-off of 2-bit Cowboy. 🤠

Colorfast is now available on AppleTV.

Please note: It is meant to be played with a gamepad even though it technically supports the remote. 🎮🕹️

Colorfast, a small, 80s-style arcade game, is now available for macOS and Windows on

Moon Raider has been updated to version 1.1.1 on Steam. Higher FPS, Apple Silicon support, better jump control and more.

I’ve also dropped its price to $9.99 to match the console price.

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