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I bought an Xbox Series S today so I could try Moon Raider out on it. I have to say, the game looks great in 4K! 😍

Quick snap of my TV. What do you think? Does Moon Raider belong among Mega Man and Mighty No 9?

I just tried out Moon Raider on Switch and PS4! It looks and plays great. I’m excited for the console launch on April 23!

Moon Raider is in the Indie Spotlight this week on the App Store!

Nintendo Life laments the Moon Raider Switch teaser reminds them too much of Metroid.

Wait until they play it and find out it doesn’t play much like Metroid at all. 😆

I’ve been busy with consulting this month, so recent work on Bay Lynx has been minimal. April might end up the same.

The good news: Moon Raider should hit consoles in late April! And I’m looking into publishing other games on consoles this year as well.

As I slowly work through these initial test levels, I’m seeing a need for more “fun” things to do in addition to the obstacle avoidance. I’ll probably rebuild this desert level with an eye toward making it more interactive like a modern “New Super Mario Bros” game.

That means no demo in March. 😕

I’m working on a three level iOS alpha for folks to try out. The desert level needs some heavy work but the other two are pretty much ready to go.

I’m undecided if I’ll use a select group of testers or if I’ll open it up to my mailing list members. Maybe one then the other!

I merged all three of my Bay Lynx forest levels into one. Now it’s a bit more consistent of a challenge... just too hard.

I haven’t quite found the fun yet. 😶

Looks like Moon Raider was Game of the Day in the UK App Store over the weekend! 🇬🇧


Ammo Pigs: C&L has popped up in the App Store’s “New Games We Love” category this week. As always, a big thanks to Apple for the support!

The Retro Platformer Triple Pack is now available!

If you have both Ammo Pigs games you get Mighty Aphid free. Or if you have Ammo Pigs: A&D plus Mighty Aphid, you get Ammo Pigs: C&L for free!

I hope Apple approves the Retro Platformer Triple Pack soon!

Lots of little details are going into Bay Lynx. There’s rainfall. The trees sway. The flowers dance. There are occasional sun rays. Hopping frogs. Dust motes and puddles. It’s starting to come together visually!

This game’s looking better than ever but I’m still not satisfied with the gameplay. I feel like it needs the equivalent of a koopa troopa + shell — i.e. more interaction than just obstacle avoidance.

2020 was a busy year of releases! I don’t know if I’ll ever have another run like it.

Feb 22, 2020 - Mighty Aphid (iOS)
Sep 5 - Mighty Aphid (Android)
Sep 10 - Moon Raider (Steam)
Sep 24 - Colorfast (iOS, Android)
Oct 1 - Moon Raider (iOS)
Oct 8 - Lunchpail Larry (Unity port)
Dec 10 - Moon Raider (Android)
Jan 21, 2021 - Ammo Pigs 3

Plus, Mighty Aphid was updated 8 times!

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