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Mighty Aphid has a new update for Windows on that fixes the graphics issue. My apologies for the bug!

I've had a lot of folks ask for a copy of Wacky Wheels HD on PC / Mac. So I've made it free on

PLEASE NOTE: I can't update the code and I don't have the IP license to make a new game. The IP holders, however, have graciously allowed the current game to continue to exist.

You can find it here:

A nice review of Mighty Aphid with an excellent alternative game suggestion.

Mighty Aphid is scheduled to hit Xbox and PlayStation June 25th! And then it arrives on Switch June 28th. Porting / publishing courtesy of ChiliDog Interactive. 🥳

I’m experimenting with a colorized version of 2-bit Cowboy. So far, I’m really happy with it. I’ll possibly spin a game or two out of it.

I just kicked off a new project. Yes, another pixel art platformer — I love ‘em!

This one will have an initial budget close to Moon Raider’s original budget. And then I might take it to Kickstarter as well.

More info this summer. 😀

Moon Raider now is our highest revenue game — just barely! It took 7 years to top 2-bit Cowboy. 🤠

Early console sales for Moon Raider have been solid. Across all platforms, it has inched into 2nd place all-time for our games’ total revenue and is virtually tied for 5th all-time for profit (excluding the cost of my dev time). 💪

It's down to just a handful of folks without console keys in the $75 and $35 Kickstarter tiers. $18 and $13 tier backers are up next.

“Moon Raider Developer Cascadia Games Working on New Game Based on a Classic 90s IP”

Xbox codes for Moon Raider Kickstarter backers have been sent!

I'll get that region survey out for PS and Switch backers soon.

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